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7 Pounds

2 Oct

This is a really touching movie. I love the story a lot which I think it’s exactly what our society need to listen or watch recently.


This movie is talking about Tim Thomas who reading a text message while driving, causes a car crash in which seven people died: six strangers and his fiancee, He decided to save the lives of seven good people. Tim Thomas chose to donated his own organs and give them to the people who wroth it and really need it. Tim gave his beautiful house to a lady named Connie to hide and live who has an abusive boyfriend.
After stolen his brother, Ben’s IRS credentials, Tim start to used Ben’s identification. He use this way to found out the last two people who are going to take his donations. The first is Ezra Turner, a blind meat salesman who plays the piano. Tim gave Ezra his corneas.

Woody Harrelson and Will Smith in Columbia Pictures' drama SEVEN POUNDS.

Tim gave his heart to a beautiful lady Emily who has a heart condition and a rare blood type. He spent most of his time with her and fall in love with her.

Before he donate himself to those seven people, he fills the bathtub with ice water and commit suicide by his favorite jellyfish.

large seven pounds blu-ray9

Tim left a beautiful world for seven people. Even though he is died, he still “live”. His house still been lived by a mother, his eyes still can see the colorful flowers and blue sky. His heart still can beat powerfully.

What we can get from this movie, is DO NOT TEXT or READING TEXT while you are driving. It is not only concern to yourself, but all the people who love you. Don’t take any risks about this. As well, do not drink drive, or anything may attract your attention away from driving.

Second, please leave a words or write it down in your last will, donate your organs after death. You do not need to commit suicide as what Tim did, but be aware that there will be so many people’s lifestyle will totally changed just because your good will. In our society nowadays, people tend to be more and more cold-heart, we do not really care about other people. “It is non of my business” become a all-good excuse for everything. However, honestly is this is what we really want about our society? No. This movie, 7 pounds showed up at the right time, just like an alarm clock knocked on all the people’s heart, no matter you like this movie or not, it still has it own works on you.


After Earth

30 Sep

Honestly, I got disappoint about Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith.


In the near future, the earth got environmental cataclysm which force human to abandon their homeland and settle on a new world called Nova Prime. One thousand years later, a conflict happened between the Ranger Corps, a peacekeeping organization commanded by General Cypher Raige and the S’krell, alien creatures who intended to conquer Nova Prime. The alien dropped their secret weapons are the Ursas, large, blind predatory creatures that hunt by “sensing” fear on Nova. However, General Raige somehow do not fear about this brutal monster, and people call this skill about suppress one’s fear “ghosting”. After his older daughter been killed by Ursas, and his son grown up, General Raige decided to take his son with him to take his final mission. That’s how this story begun.


Like all the fiction movie goes, the spaceship which carried Ursas in it,  got crashed. Everyone, except General Raige, his son and Ursas, all died which it highly impossible. From this part, I already got the feeling this movie gonna be boring and full of crap. After General Raige’s leg broken and he commend his son Kitai to go to the tail part and get the signal gun. I feel I was right.

Anyways, this movie or the whole story is all about how Kitai this young kid survived from the earth, and fight with Ursas, then became the second person who can do “ghosting” after his own father who has been sitting in the same place and watching for the whole movie.


There is several sense about the earth are beautiful, and touching. Like lots of creatures live freely on the earth.


What I feel about this movie?

Before I watched this movie, I was waiting for Will Smith come and save the world, However, he just sit there and let his son done everything which made me super disappoint about both of them. And his son, Kitai or Jaden, his just simply don’t know how to act. Partly is his fault, but most of the reason for this, is his dad Will push too hard. Jaden is not ready for save the world. The whole story just make me feel super unreal, or in another way, this is fiction movie anyways. Say this, a young kid even scared of spider or monkey can become fear nothing in just three days, is this possible? Moreover, I wonder is that the bird or whatever it call know to pay back? I mean put grasses over Kitai’s body and stretch out over him till itself died just because of he tried to save its kids. I’m sure animals will change without human on the earth and interfere their life, but I’m pretty sure that’s not means they will change into human or think in the same way with we do.  For me it not sounds like a bird at all, I don’t know how you think about this. About the “ghosting”, General Raige is the only one who can do it among all human beings. And after he told his son about how he realized he can do “ghosting”, his son Kitai succeed. I was almost shut down my laptop. I feel so sorry for all those people who died in the war or got injured from fight with Ursas. Do not have that specialized gene does not means they can not be survived. Don’t even need to say maybe “ghosting” is not related to gene.



If you are a big Will Smith fan, I am not recommend you to watch this movie. If you insist to watch it, please remember, do not compare this “after earth” with “I am legend”. This can make you feel a little bit better.