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3 Oct

The avengers is a unique movie, because all these heroes from Marvels since maybe past 5 years, for example, iron man, hulk, Captain America, etc. But what we have in this movie? We have all these guys in one movie. What truly make it unique is that all these theme actors, those famous actors, they all come together for this single movie which makes it has great cast.
To some people who may do not like bunch of super heroes in one movie, Marvels also found a solution for this group people, they use the same actors and made their own movie which make Avengers even more awesome. Just like a TV Show which has the best quality ever. Like after each one somehow survived the world, not they formed into a super league, to defeat their same enemy Loki.

Also Avengers is a killer movie which has good story and to the end it comes out the best. It is hard to have get such a good story from this long story line. Since as the sense goes, all these superheroes cannot get along with each other which give the bad guy, Loki, a good chance to depart this group. After the agent died, they realized against each other is not the way to solve the problem, so they start to fight like a team and watch each other’s back.

About the iron man, Tony Stark is a man full of arrogant characteristic, for a long time, other avengers cannot go along with Tony Stark, especially Captain America who is the symbol of virtual, and loyal, justice. For the whole time, the avengers are trying to work as a group, but the iron man is seems doing something by his own which cause lots of tension for the group. However, iron man does came around, and at the end, the iron man or Tony Stark save the world by taking the nuclear missile into out space. He shifted from the self-absorb character, this “all about me” person into a self-sacrifice hero. Iron man gave me the feeling that he is one of the key part or major characteristic of this movie.

Aside from the superheroes, this movie still have good theme to it. What we can get from this movie is not only about how important group working is for normal people or superheroes, but more about self-accomplishment. And overall, avengers is a pretty clean movie, which do not have too much blood or violence in it. You can take your kids to see it.