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30 Sep

This is the best criminal movie I have ever seen. Maybe that why lots of big movie fans called “Seven” as classic.

The whole story is based on seven deadly sins which include “Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Pride, Lust, and Envy”. A cruel series killer John followed this seven deadly sins as his piece of art which in his own words “people will barely be able to comprehend, but they won’t be able to deny.”


The soon-to-be retiring Detective William Somerset and a young uneducated Detective David Mills who has big eagle are named to detective this series cases. John left a sentence “Long is the way and hard that out of hell leads up to light.” which from “Paradise lost” behind the first case “Gluttony”. John use Detective Mills pregnant wife’s life as his last pieces about his own envy about Detective Mills’s normal life and Mills “wrath”.


Someone may say this movie is way too bloody, and violent. But if you have watch “Saw” or any other movies, you’ll realize this one means nothing.


For me, why I think this movie is awesome, is not only because Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman did good job, but I can understand why those called “seven deadly sins”, and somehow I feel I can understand the killer John’s purpose. Even though the way he express it was so sick. I mean, think about those seven deadly sins, they are all super daily emotion everyone will have. But who ever paid enough attention to these? I didn’t. This movie is a good start point for us to think about these pointless things in our life, and try to control our temper before we hurt other people.