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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

4 Oct

I simply love this movie. That’s why I chose this movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” as my first post. General This movie is start from a old lady laying in a hospital bed talking about there was a clock maker named Mr. Cake, made a giant clock which running backwards. And that’s how this beautiful amazing love story beginning. 捕获1 Benjamin Button, just like that giant clock, living backwards. He was born like “a man well in his 80s on his way to the grave.” Benjamin met his young lady Daisy at her beautiful innocent age. They hide under the table. Just exactly like other young couples. But still somehow looks weird from his wrinkles covered face, and her pretty face. While I’m watching this movie I can not stop thinking what should I do when I was still a young child have to say goodbye forever to my friends who I may not seen anymore. But this how Benjamin spent his childhood with old people’s dying, and growing up. Life is beautiful with loved ones. Benjamin is God’s miracle, just like what his mama said.  After he left his “home”. He joint the boat, met lots of different people, and listened to their own stories. He heard nothing from his young lady Daisy. But life still going on. “You’ll never know what’s coming for you” I like the part when Benjamin talked about “it’s a funny thing to come to home,” everything is stay the same, but the only thing changed is you. He is much younger than he used to be. But still too old for his real age. The good thing is Daisy is back. 捕获2 They talk and dance all night long. To one point I wish this is how this movie ends. Let’s the beautiful love stay how it supposed to be. But this is movie. Benjamin met his father, and Daisy, got car accident. She can not dance anymore. With his beautiful face, Benjamin told her he would take her home. She refused. She said, “I don’t want to be with you. Just stay out of my life.” Like every love story, couples don’t want the loved ones seen their miserable. But this is the real harm for both of them. But finally, She came back. 捕获3 While Daisy is crying for getting old, Benjamin’s face just looks perfect. God made a joke on both of them. “We’re meeting in the middle”, “we finally caught up with each other.” They got a baby girl. And Benjamin realized that their young girl need someone to grow old with. He left. The next time Daisy saw him, he was already a twenty-something young guy, and she married a widower.  She took care or him, and watching him from a young kid sitting on the roof to an infant who forgot how to walk. Benjamin died in his love’s arm. With the storm hitting the window. The beautiful miracle love story end. Actor Brad Pitt is handsome as always, even his face covered with wrinkles. His work in this movie just normal. Nothing too much to comment. Cate Blanchett is amazing. She use her own way to describe a woman’s whole life. From pretty innocent young kid to a beautiful young lady, to a mother and an old grace lady. I can see my life track from her act. All-in-all I love this movie, the curious case of Benjamin Button, just like a journey for all the audiences. I can experience a totally different lifestyle from this movie. And feel how this miracle brought to this couple. I still remember I ask my three years younger boyfriend while we were watching this movie together, if wrinkles covered my face, will you still love me? However, this is not only about Benjamin, it about everyone in this movie. Just like how it ends, some have an ear for music, some are artists, some swim, some are mothers. What you see from this movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMt-SwccPD0