Step Brothers

4 Oct

Step Brothers is a very comical movie about when a single mother and a single father both with 40 year old sons who still live at home with their parent. They do not have any kind of job, or responsibility. Their parents take care of everything for them. This is, until they have to move into same house with each other. They fight and bicker all the time and make each other mad. In one instance, they get into a fight in the front yard, their entire neighborhood circles around them and watch. They eventually knocked each other out and later woke up only to found out they are grounded from TV. Because of this, they eventually get job, even though they were not serious at very beginning, and “grow up”. Until the end of the movie, when they have to combine their talents to save the party, they realized how pressure their friendship are.


It is a really good and funny movie. Because I believe everybody can relate to it. We all remember the time when we have to grow up and become an adult. This is interesting to see how other people grow up differently, and have to overcome different obstacles. No two people “grow up” the same way. This movie use its own weird way to show us how 40 year old people trying to live independently, and responsible, while others are already successful enough to have their own family. After you laugh how silly they are, you will feel a little bit sorry for them, since we do not understand their world as a child and the pressure they are facing.


I have to say that both two actors did excellent job in this movie. They made the audience believe that they are the step brothers instead of actors. The way they are acting really bring me into the brothers’ life.

The ending part is funny but touching. Everyone changed their point of view about their brothers. Everyone is surprised about how mature they have become, and how well they get along with. They tried their best to overcome those things they used to seem taboo or impossible mission. These remind me a quote said “those who said they can’t ; won’t.”

I like this movie, Step Brothers, one reason is because it is super funny, more because you can find yourself in this inspiring movie.



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