Fight Club

4 Oct

“That old thing, how you always hurt the one you love. Well, it works both ways.”

Edward Norton plays the noname, who have suffered from insomnia for long time, his doctor refused to give him any medicine and advises him to join a support group where he met the “big boobs Bob”. This no name gut start to addicted to attending support groups, until he found out that he is not alone. Marla Singer, showed up in his life. During a flight home, no name guy met Tyler Durden, and he have to call him after he found out his apartment blew out and he has no place to go. This is how this movie and how fight club beginning.


After the first fight outside the bar, Mr. Noname moved to Tyler’s dilapidated house. They have fight over and over until it become the “fight club” where brunch of men will meet up in a bar’s basement. It is a routine opportunity to fight with others.

“Gentlemen, welcome to the Fight Club. The first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club.”

Thing between Marla, Mr. Nomane, and Tyler became more and more complicate. She have sex with one and then another. She seems weird and both of two guys’ friendship seems changed after this girl and all those changes happened among fight club. Mr. Noname tried to shut down the project which started by Tyler and fight club. But he found out he can do nothing, and everything is under Tyler’s control. Until they fight for the last time, and Mr. Noname realized that Tyler is just exactly himself and he is Tyler. He shot himself in the face, and “killed” Tyler.


“Most people…normal people…do just about anything to avoid a fight.”

Edward did awesome job in this movie, or you could say Edward Norton is really good at being a psycho. He can be as innocent as a young teenager, or being a super creepy weirdo. About Brad Pitt, he just act out how wild or crazy he is.

This movie is kind of arouse my feeling about have a fight with someone. I always  wrestling with my boyfriend, but since he is much bigger and stronger than me, been defeated feels terrible. Anyways, this movie give other people’s a feeling that they can not just simply suck everything up, they need to learn how to say no, or at least find a good way to let temper go, maybe not fight with some random people, since this is just a movie.

I like it a lot though.


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