Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

1 Oct

Alright. I just watched this movie. And I don’t know what is this movie talking about.



A boy named Scott Pilgrim has a band called “sexy bob-omb” and he date a Chinese high-school-er and then cheated on her with a American colorful hair girl Ramona. And he have to fight with her seven “evil exes”.

This is the story.

Alright. If you watch this movie you will see it’s full of crap.



OK. First thing first. I’m not a big comic fan, and I don’t play RPG. So maybe that’s why I can not understand this my BF so called “super funny super awesome” movie.

I hate this movie because it;s wrong and definitely unreal and definitely impossible to be real. I have to say as Chinese, I like Scott’s official girlfriend Knives Chou. She is cute and sweet. I was totally pissed off when I saw the part Scott cheated on her with Ramona. That’s wrong!!! What if lots of young kids see this movie, they gonna think cheating is the right thing and cool thing to do. Then Scott can not use his “super power” to save the world.



What is all those shinning thing on my screen?!! What’s wrong with the people in that movie? Super hero league?? Vegetarian can kick someone from the earth to the moon? How is that possible that dragon come out from speaker and fight with others. If you died you can get another life and live one more time?

R U kiddin’ me??


I wish I could live in that world.



Actors are all good. They somehow saved this movie from totally destroyed.

Honestly. If you are a big RPG fan, you may like this a lot. Scott Pilgrim vs. the world just changed a video game into a movie. The music is good, and the story is funny. Just I can not understand at all. Still worth to watch though, no matter for fun or for killing time.

Go watch this movie and have some fun with friends.





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