Blue Valentine

1 Oct

“Marriage is Love’s gravestone”

I used to doubt this until I watched this movie “Blue Valentine”

Warning, if you are in love and you want to marry him or her. Do not watch this movie.

This movie is sad but good. It is talking about a collapsing marriage. How a couple from lovebirds turned into strangers.

I don’t want to talk too details about the whole story. I want to leave it for you to watch it, because it worth it.

It is hard to make movie about marriage, since it is so complicate and everyone’s marriage is different. But the director Derek Cianfrance found the only common thing about marriage is the fade of love. The best part I love about this movie is it use a comparison between dating and marriage. The differences are so harsh, it not only hurts on the couple in the movie, but everyone who watching this “Blue Valentine”.


Does love is really enough for daily life? The life you have tons of bills need to pay; you have a young girl need to take care of? The couple in the movie, they all approaches 30s, they are not as good looking as they used to be. He want to nothing except what he has, he only want to be a husband and father. But she is still charming even in her age, and she wants more. They tried to save their love, they went to a seedy hotel, they dance with their own song, tried to arouse the feeling of old time, but nothing happened. She chose work over her love which broken his heart.


Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams as the couple in the movie, they both gained 15 pounds for the contemporary part. Michelle Williams is amazing in the way she keeps trying to deny emotion and conceal emotion, even as she’s showing us. About Ryan Gosling, he used his own way to show us how a young man change into a middle aged married guy. He is despair and he is depressed. He want to save his marriage, he tried all he can do, but in a wrong way or too late.


Love should be permanent, and marriage is realistic.

I highly recommend this movie, but you may need to prepare some tissue.


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